What We Use – For Printing And Cutting Cardstock Fillers

If you joined our Box Club in March, you received some FREE templates to cut filler cards for your orders. If you want those templates, here’s the link for them! We wanted to share what WE USE in our shop to make these cards!

Obviously there is no need to buy new equipment if you already have things that work, but if you’re looking to upgrade and want recommendations for items we use and love… well here you go!

PRINTER: Canon Pro-200 – Click Here

13×19 Max – We actually have the Canon Pro-100, BUT, that has been replaced with this one. If you try to buy the 100 now, it’s twice the price we paid for it. So this is the new version. NO complaints with this printer. 8 colors and excellent quality!

PRINTER: Epson Workforce 7840 – Click Here

13×19 Max – This printer is used as a 2nd printer when our Canon can’t keep up with the order volume. It is a 4 color printer but has no issue hitting some great colors! We do notice that it prints better on high quality so we just leave that setting that way.

PAPER: 100lb 271gsm Cardstock – Multiple Sizes – Click Here

This paper is thick and sturdy! We used the 110lb in the past and it’s great, too, but the 100lb does a great job for little fillers. If you’re doing something that needs more thickness then the 110lb (300GSM) would be the way to go!

CUTTER: Graphtec Pro CE7000-ASC 15″ w/Automatic Sheet Feeder – Click Here

This cutter will change your world if you cut a lot of cardstock, vinyl or stickers! We upgraded from our Silhouette Cameo 3 to this and MAN this thing is FAST! Be warned though, there is not much help with training other than the manual and a FEW videos online. So be ready for some trial and error. But once it works, it’s amazing! Even just the cutter by itself will make your other cutters seem like turtles.

CUTTER: 17″ Guillotine Paper Cutter – Click Here

If you’re cutting big stacks of squares/straight lines, this bad boy is UH-MAZE-ING! I’m talking 1.5inches at a time… just…. slice. We LOVE this thing! They also have a smaller 12″ one  that we accidentally bought first not realizing it was only 12″ and we mostly use the 13×19 paper… but it was awesome, too, if your projects are smaller than 12″!

CUTTER: 12″ Paper Cutter – Click Here

We use this one when we just need to cut 2-3 at a time and don’t need to pull out the big guns. As with all cutters, if you’re planning to cut sticker paper AND regular paper, consider buying 2 and dedicating one solely to sticker material because the adhesive does build up on the blade and will make your paper cuts not as great.

CUTTER: 12″ Paper Cutter – Click Here

This one is for 1 – 2 sheets at a time (more for regular paper… but it’s limited with cardstock). It’s small and takes up very little space. It has a wire that goes down the cut line so you can get precise cuts. We pull this one out often!

SEALABLE CELLO BAGS: Multiple Sizes – Click Here

If you’re reselling filler cards, these bags are great for a professional look! The cello bags are self sealing and easy to use.

SHRINK WRAP BAGS: 4×6 , 6×6, & 7×10 inch Sizes – Click Here

If you’re reselling filler cards, these bags are great for a professional look! They also protect the cards edges as well!

HEAT GUN: 125F to 1300F Heat Gun – Click Here

We have a small heat gun that I used in a project for my wedding that I probably paid $12 for. It works just fine, so I think ANY heat gun will work for the shrink wrap bags, but this one gets HOT.. FAST… and if you have a lot of card bags to seal up quickly… this one is great!

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