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Social media can be so hard to manage as a small business can’t it? We already have 500 things on our plate, how in the world are we supposed to keep up with algorithm changes, content scheduling, and consistency? Pinterest is a platform that seems to be greatly underutilized as well by the handmade community. I mean, we head there for inspiration, but many people don’t understand HOW Pinterest works or HOW it can benefit them!

Enter Tailwind. You’ve probably seen tons of blogs about it, but you’ve been hesitant because there’s a cost associated with it. I get it. But let me ask you, if a $10/month investment could help you AUTOMATE your marketing, wouldn’t that be worth it?

Tailwind is SO so so easy. It’s honestly scary how easy it is. We’re going to be going over it in the next couple of months in the HoopMama Business Group, too! For 2019, the only requirement for the group is to purchase the 2019 HoopMama Crafters Calendar, and then you’re in!

I have always said to pick 1 or 2 social media platforms only because doing everything can become VERY overwhelming. For me, my focus has been Facebook. HOWEVER, even though I rarely spend ANY time on Pinterest, Tailwind has brought my viewers to almost 500k a MONTH, and traffic to my website is about 30% Pinterest! I have been shifting my focus to be on Pinterest a little more lately, so I’m excited to see where it grows!

There are 3 things about Tailwind that I absolutely LOVE.

  1. PIN SCHEDULING. You can schedule out your pins for MONTHS in advance! And NO! You don’t have to go “okay schedule this one for Friday at 3:26pm” and HOPE you picked a good time. Nope, you tell Tailwind how many pins you want to pin each day and it’ll automatically pick good times for your audience! They even have a browser extension to where when you’re browsing the web, you can click on ANY picture and send it to your queue! You can literally plan out your entire week or month in minutes.
  2. PIN LOOPING. This is a new feature that is absolutely awesome. This feature allows you to cycle through your pins by basically “repinning” them to the top of your board, without having duplicate pins to clutter everything up! Setting up a loop is as easy as scheduling a regular pin.
  3. TAILWIND TRIBES. Tribes are similar to group boards and good karma. You find a tribe and you pin your content to it, then other tribe… mates…. can share your pins on their boards. Thus multiplying your reach instantly! I remember one of the first pins I added to a tribe got over 400k reach!  I opened up a tribe for you guys, too! You don’t even have to have a Tailwind plan to use it either! Click here to join!

Pinterest has become more of a search engine than a social media platform. If you’re on Etsy or have your own website, you need to be utilizing the power of Pinterest.

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