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5 Ways To Bring Additional Income To Your Craft Business

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS, BUT I DO NOT RECOMMEND PRODUCTS OR SERVICES THAT I DO NOT USE AND LOVE MYSELF. READ MORE ABOUT THIS IN OUR DISCLOSURE POLICY.   When you began your crafting business, what did you envision? Did you envision financial freedom? Did you roll in the math of “if I […]

5 Steps To Starting Your Craft Business Newsletter

Newsletters & List Building.   This post may contain affiliate or referral links. Read more about this in our Disclosure Policy. Let’s talk about newsletters. On another blog, I wrote a blog titled “3 Reasons Your Craft Business Needs A Newsletter”  so if you have no idea what a newsletter could do for your business, […]

Meet The Girls: Betty Budgeter

It’s time for another HoopMama Talk. We just finished a week where people spent a lot of money for Black Friday shopping and will continue to spend as Christmas gets closer. Here’s what is about to happen and you may be seeing some of it happen already. People are budgeting, they’re watching their money and […]

How I Paid Off 40k As A Crafter

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. BUT THESE ARE ALL PRODUCTS I RECOMMEND AND USE MYSELF. Debt seems to be something that stands in the way for most people in many areas of their lives. Many crafters are just moms wanting to contribute somehow to the family income. There are also many crafters making over […]