Hi! I’m Jeanna Hooper, owner and founder of HoopMama.

I help crafters build a profitable vinyl, embroidery and/or sublimation business online.

If you own a craft business, or are ready to take the leap, you’re in the right place!

As a HoopMama “Bestie” you’ll find hundreds of like-minded crafters that have made the decision that this “crafting gig” is more than just a hobby and want to learn how to build their platform, reach, and profits.

Every month we focus on how to craft a brand that reaches new levels of growth over and over again.

If the words “social media,” “marketing/sales,” “websites,” and “mailing lists” make you feel like you want to crawl into a corner… please let me help you.

I want to take all of the confusion and stress out of the tech side for you.

As a bestie, you will find resources that you need to take your business from “where to I even start” to fully equipped and ready to take your business to the next step in your journey.

How do I know the the HoopMama Bestie tribe will work for you? Because I know how bad you want this thing to work. And I know that with your determination mixed with proper guidance and resources… you’re going to kill it!

I remember working 70 hour weeks just to keep my head above water. The thought of adding one more thing that I had to research and figure out myself was overwhelming to say the least. I wish I had just had someone to ask questions to instead of hours of endless searching.

I want to teach you what I’ve learned after 4 years of research and trial and error to take the guess work out of what steps you should take to reach your next goal in your business. I also want to provide ready-to-go marketing solutions so you can focus on making pretty things for your constantly growing craft business.

Basically, I want to be your cheerleader, coach, and biggest fan.

Don’t own a business? Don’t worry! We have a plan just for you, too! We strip down all the business stuff from the plan and you receive the exclusive designs in embroidery & cutting formats, discounts & HoopMoney & a hobby focused community!

about that bestie life


20% Off On Designs, Embroidery Fonts & Bundles

$15/Month Credit (Monthly Plans)

$200/Year Credit (Yearly Plans)

Yearly plans receive $20 more credit than monthly plans!


All Besties enjoy FREE and immediate access to design library with over 450 embroidery designs and cut files.

With new designs & “bestie requesties” added each month!


Each month, DESIGN BESTIES  will receive TWO exclusive design sets.

BUSINESS BESTIES receive the same design sets PLUS marketing packs to make actually selling products with those designs easy breezy!

Marketing Bundles For Business Level  Includes:

5-6 Exclusive Designs

Pre-Made Mock-Ups

Blank Mock-Ups

Stitch Outs

Pre-Made & Fully Customizable Social Media Graphics & Website Sliders

Pre-Made & Fully Customizable Newsletter Template

Here’s a peek of one of June 2019’s Marketing Bundles!


Ever feel like you wish you had someone guiding the way and showing you how to take your business to the next level?

Business Besties get access to exclusive trainings!

Meet the Bestie Team!

Trainings in:

Foundational Basics

Social Media


Content Creation

Craft Show Success

& More!


Facebook Community

Join other craft business owners for some shop talk and strategy sessions!

Bestie Requesties

Cheesy name, I know. But hey, I’m embracing the Bestie Life!

Besties have a direct line for design requests! 10-15 of them are completed each month and uploaded to the Design Library fo’ FREE!

You’ve Got Mail!

Never miss a thing with the monthly schedule, marketing bundles, special sales or coupons, or bestie requesties sent directly to your inbox and ready to download at your convenience!



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