Welcome To The New HoopMama!

Wondering what’s going on and where everything is? Here’s answers for many of your questions! If this doesn’t answer everything, please contact us at [email protected]

New Site General Info:

HELP! My Login Doesn’t Work!!

Since we’re on a new hosting platform, user accounts did not flip over. You will need to register for a new account.

HOWEVER, if you purchased the HoopMama Crafters Calendar, OR are a Membership holder, you will simply sign in with your old account e-mail and click “lost password” to have a new password e-mailed to you. If you do not see the new password link, check your spam as some filters like to send them there. If you still don’t see it after 10 minutes, shoot us an email to [email protected] and we’ll get it sorted out!

Can I Still Download Past Orders?

YES! Head to the top right of the screen and click “Order Prior To Site Transfer.” This will take you to the old site to download past purchases. This option will be here for a while but don’t wait too long!

Are The Designs Not Separated Anymore?

Since HoopMama offers designs in embroidery AND cutting options, we’ve merged those options into 1 product! No more, wondering if it’s available in both options. Plus there’s a new BUNDLE option where you can grab BOTH formats with a little discount, too!

Where Are The Mock-Ups?

HoopMama Designs Mock-Ups have been locked up! However, CraftMockUps.com has awesome new collections for you! And, it’s a sister site of HoopMama.com!

Where Are The Bundles?

We are still in the process of transitioning. Most bundles that were on the old site, will not be available on the new one. But don’t worry! We have some great things coming for bundles that you’re going to like! Plus, some of the old bundles may tiptoe their way in as we fully move things over!

I’m Looking For A Design I Know You Had… Where Is it?

Probably still on the old site awaiting to be moved over! If you want a design pushed to the top of the queue, click here for a list of the current queue, use the search bar on the top left to find the design, and then shoot over the link to [email protected]. While no promises can be made as to WHEN the design will move over, we’ll do our best to get it up quickly!

Where Are The Blog Posts, Printables, Fonts, Terms Of Use, Etc?

Moving this site has been a BEAST of a project. Everything is still working it’s way over. We hope to have the site fully moved by the end of April 2018!

Membership Information:

I’m A Groupie, Did My Membership Transfer Over?

It sure should have! But you are most likely NOT fully migrated yet. Members are being moved manually on the date their plan is set to renew. When that happens, expect to see a cancellation email of your membership on the previous platform. To see status, payment history, or manage your account on the old platform, you can login to your membership portal by clicking here.

I’m A Bestie, Did My Membership Transfer Over?

It sure should have! But you are most likely NOT fully migrated yet. To see payment history, or manage your account on the old platform, you can login to your membership portal by clicking here.

I Could Have Sworn I Got An Email About A Coupon… or A Credit… Or Something? Where’s That?

With the new membership plan set ups, you no longer have to wait for HoopMama to decide on which designs will be your freebies for the month. Instead, you will get a store credit determined by your plan so you can pick your own freebies!* As memberships migrate in, you may see the store credit at first as a “coupon” waiting for you at checkout when you click “apply coupon code.” OR you will see it as a payment option just like PayPal or Credit Card.

If your product total is MORE than your current credit, you will see a click box under your order summary that says “use my wallet.” That will apply your store credits first, and then you can finish checking out with your payment method of choice.

*Credits do not roll over, and cannot be used towards membership upgrades, HoopMama Crafters Calendar, or software.

I Like These New SVG Club Plans!!! What If I Want To Upgrade My Membership?

They’re cool aren’t they?? If you want to upgrade, please EMAIL US FIRST. If you upgrade on your own, and are not cancelled out of the old system, you’ll be charged on both platforms. We want you to get set up correctly, prorate when needed, and make sure this is the best experience of a membership you can find!

We are so excited about this new site and the new options it will offer to our membership holders and customers. As with any new venture, there are definitely hiccups along the way. If you come across anything that seems a little “off,” please let us know and we’ll gladly fix it as quickly as we can!

Thank you for supporting HoopMama! We hope you enjoy the new website!