What is DTF?

DTF stands for Direct to Film. A new technology in which designs are digitally printed onto special clear polyester films using digital water-based inks and a powder adhesive coating. That powder requires curing. After curing, you can then heat press the transfer design directly onto your garment.

They can be made in single color or full color transfers. Similar to screen printing, full color transfers will be a little heavier than single color transfers due to the amount of ink used. However, our transfers are printed with large commercial printers and feel confident in saying that our transfers are some of the best on the market currently.


Gang Sheets:

Ganging sheets can save some serious $$$ when uploading your own files! We have created some templates for you to use so you don’t have to guess about the right size exporting! You will want to have Canva Pro to export as a transparent background, or you can choose below to have us export it for you! You just need to shoot us over the template link and we’ll get you all set! Canva Pro is an AMAZING business tool though, so it will definitely pay for itself! HoopMama Besties even have free Canva Trainings to help you learn more about it, too!










Application Instructions:

You must use a commercial heat press. Transfers need even and heavy pressure to adhere correctly. Therefore, home irons and easy presses will not work. Do NOT use pressing pillows or platen covers.

Temperature Settings:

(Be sure to check your heat press with a temp gun often to make sure your heat reading is accurate)

Poly – 275° for 10 Seconds

Triblends – 275° for 10 seconds

50/50 – 300°- 315° for 12 seconds

Cotton – 325° for 15 seconds



Peel: WARM or cold. (Meaning… it doesn’t have to be ALL the way cold before peeling… just not hot hot or it may come away from the shirt)

REPRESS: With teflon sheet or parchment paper for 20 seconds

**Please note… these directions are starting points and depend on each individual heat press. It is best to start with some test prints to see the sweet spot on your press.


Current Processing Time For DTF Transfers is 1-10 Business Days.

(We will always aim to be faster than our turnaround time. However, DTF transfers are not printed until you order them so our ability to produce them depends on the current volume of orders we have in queue.)




Name Of File * 

Upload File * 

Please send over PNG files with TRANSPARENT background only. Any other files will be rejected and your order will be cancelled or placed on hold. If you have trouble sending the file here, please email it WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER to [email protected]

If the file is too large to email or upload, you can send us the share link from a Dropbox folder and we can download from there!

Or, if you have created your file in Canva for a gang sheet, you are also welcome to share the template with us via email and we can download from there as well!

Please note that we print the file AS IS unless selected edits are chosen below.

(max file size 128 MB)

RUSH Option $20

Adding this option MUST be done when you order and cannot be added on after your order is placed. This will speed up your production time. It does NOT mean it will ship same day as your file will still need to be printed and prepped and that typically cannot all be done in the same day. However, it is still being rushed in front of other non-rush orders.

All RUSH orders MUST be placed by 9am CST for the best chance for next day shipping. Only 1 rush fee is needed per order.

Additional Services Needed: * 

Please let us know if you need help setting up your file, we are happy to help! If any items below are needed but are not selected, your order will be placed on hold or refunded.

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