Printing Partner Application

Example: "About 400 Transfers Every Month and 50 stickers every 2 weeks."
We Will NOT Be Able To Print Any Copyrighted, Tradmarked, Drug Related, Violent, Vulgar, or Obscene Items.(Required)
**cannabis/marijuana, political, and ethical/social justice causes are subject to review before printing.**
If You Are Not Able To Purchase Consistently, You Might Lose Your Spot In Our Print Partner Program.(Required)
Do NOT let this scare you. We just want to make sure we open the door to people who need us and that we can properly estimate volume levels.
All Transfers Will Require You To Properly Teach Your Customers How To Apply Them.(Required)
Our Promise To You In Regards To Issues That May Come Up With Transfers(Required)
We will always stand behind faulty items. However, we will want to make sure the transfer was applied properly if it is claimed to be defective. The questions we will ask you to show proof of is: 1.That the customer used a COMMERCIAL heat press (easy presses and irons are not approved). 2.That they have checked their heat press for cold spots, proper pressure, and temp. 3. Peeled Cold? While our DTF transfers CAN be peeled hot, the best results come with a cold peel and we highly suggest you tell your customers this. 4. Pictures of faulty transfer will also be requested as well if there is an issue with application. To protect YOU and US, we require you to provide our pressing instructions and properly troubleshoot with your customers if they run into a problem with application. Also allowing for the disclaimer that all instructions are starting points and they need to find the heat and pressure that works best with their press.
Suggestion On Purchasing Small Transfers As Testers.(Required)
We highly suggest purchasing small designs as samples for your customers to use as testers to make sure their settings are correct.
Agreement Terms(Required)
We reserve the right to modify the agreement with this partnership. However, if it changes, we will send a new agreement to you to review and sign.
Application Acknowledgement(Required)
Approval is not guaranteed, and may be on a "waitlist" basis depending on interest and volume. Once approved, you will be contacted and we will change your account to be able to see the discounts available to you in a separate portal. The discounts offered to you will be quantity based tier pricing for each design purchased.