What’s Included:

  • Digital Calendar for 2018
  • Daily Suggestions For Staying on Track with Upcoming Holidays as well as Other Tips for Business Growth
  • Companion Page for Each Month with: A Place For Budget, Goals, Monthly Highlights, Commonly Searched Keywords, & End Of Month Overview

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Templates, Forms, Databases and Guides

  • 8 Page Walkthrough Guide—READ THIS!
  • HoopMama’s Tips For Growth
  • Social Media Post Ideas
  • Sales & Marketing Template
  • Daily To Do List (For You to Fill Out)
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly To Do List (Must Do’s From HoopMama)
  • Quarterly & Yearly Goal Worksheets
  • Goal Breakdown Sheet
  • Target Market Analysis Worksheet
  • Customer Profile (PDF)
  • Customer Database (Excel)
  • Order Organization Database (Excel)
  • Customizable Sales Receipt Form

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