Hey there! You love what you do, and you’re a BOSS at doing it. But you’re ready for the neglected parts of your business to be on point, too.

You know you need a mailing list, a website, a strong social media game, a brand rep, and about 600 other details… but you just don’t have time to do all the things.

You question how your products are any different than all of the other similar shops online. You wonder if you really can make this thing work.


You wonder how holidays constantly sneak up on you and you wish you were more prepared. But have a hard time allocating your time to everything on your plate.


Basically, you’re ready to be serious about growing your business. But you don’t know how to do it without spending a lot of money, drinking an ungodly amount of coffee, and/or never seeing your family.

If any of these statements ring true…

Hi! I’m Jeanna Hooper, Owner and Founder of HoopMama. I help crafters build a profitable vinyl, embroidery and/or sublimation business online.

If you own a craft business, or are ready to take the leap, you’re in the right place!

Inside the HoopMama tribe, are hundreds of other “Besties” that have made the decision that this “crafting gig” is more than just a hobby and want to learn how to build their platform, reach, and profits.

We focus on how to craft a brand that reaches new levels of growth over and over again.

If the words “social media,” “marketing/sales,” “websites,” and “mailing lists” make you feel like you want to crawl into a corner… please let me help you.

I want to take all of the “confusion” out of the tech side for you. We have tutorials on how to DIY various things for your business but we also have “help & rescue” ideas and services for when you need someone to walk you through it step-by-step.

Inside the Tribe vault, you will find resources that you need to take your business from “where to I even start” to fully equipped and ready to take your business to the next step in your journey.

How do I know this will work for you? Because I’ve done it. I know it’s possible to build a profitable brand even while raising babies, or having a busy schedule.

I remember working 70 hour weeks just to keep my head above water. The thought of adding one more thing that I had to research and figure out myself was overwhelming to say the least.

I want to teach you what I’ve learned after 4 years of research and implementation, and also provide ready-to-go marketing solutions for you so you can focus on making pretty things for your constantly growing craft business.